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Eat More Plants Recipe eBook

Eat More Plants Recipe eBook

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35 easy, simple, and healthy plant based recipes.

Cooking can be a little overwhelming at times, especially with plants. You might not know where to start, what ingredients to buy, or how to make healthy and tasty meals at home...

That's why I made this eBook, to help you on your journey - and of course to give you access to my favourite staple meals!

Inside the eBook you'll get:

  • 35 plant based recipes (including breakfast, mains and sweet treats)
  • High quality images to go with every recipe
  • Cooking tips and tricks

So whether you’re exploring a healthier lifestyle or just want to elevate your home cooking, this eBook will make that experience easier and more delightful.

This comes in the form of a digital download PDF with 80+ pages.

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