Well hello you.

My name is Philip, mostly known as “phitzee” online. I’m based in London and have a huge passion for food, but you probably knew that already.

I believe that a plant based lifestyle is one of the best steps we can take towards bettering not only our own health and wellbeing, but also the planet, and the wonderful beings we share it with - without having to sacrifice pleasure or enjoyment.

Through showcasing banging vegan food and having a relatable approach, I want to show people just how easy and doable it can be. Without being “preachy”.

It’s not all or nothing here. It’s about improving ourselves in and out of the kitchen. Doing what we can, where we can, and when we can. 

That's exactly what my work and content aims to do.

How did I start & why plants?

About 5 years ago I caught myself feeling so disconnected to the food I was eating and wanted to get in touch with what was on my plate. 

Long story short, I looked into it and really didn’t like what I saw, particularly with meat and dairy. Most importantly, I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

I didn’t change my ways overnight by the way.

After that, I naturally wanted to consume more plants and less of the other stuff. I then found myself feeling the best I have on plant based diet - in many good ways, but especially morally. So I kept the plant thing going and since then, I haven't really looked back.

I also completely understand that going the full way is not for everyone, but if I can get you to enjoy just one extra plant based meal a week then my job is well done.

Through this gradual process of mine, I started posting my journey online with no intention of it going anywhere (I had no clue what I was doing either). I made an Instagram to get inspiration and just ended up sharing the food I was making.

Looking back on it now, it wasn’t so great at all, but I kept improving, learning and sharing.

A few years later (along with the help of some viral videos) here I am with hundreds of thousands of you amazing people following along and making my recipes, as well as getting to do some cool stuff myself.

Cool stuff you say?

Yeah! So far I’ve been able to be part of some exciting work. Some of it includes being featured in the Men's Health UK magazine as the Meal Prep Hero for their August edition, launching my own roasted red pepper spread, as well as having worked with Jamie Oliver and his team on various campaigns to name a few.

That’s it for now. Hopefully you know a little more about me now. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions or just say hi!